Oracle Database and Application Server Support for the Leading Retailer in America

Business Objective

The client was looking for strategic partner to manage complex warehouse management system, which improves real time visibility of inventory throughout the supply chain.

Customer’s Challenges

  • The need to build a database system and architecture that was scalable to accommodate increase in users and data storage
  • Maximize performance, scalability and security of critical customer data
  • A single source of masters and a centralized view of inventory across both retail and distribution businesses
  • Upgrade the version of Oracle database being used by the customer
  • Ensure round the clock support

Our Solution

  • We managed the end to end execution of Oracle database migration and Up-gradation
  • Installed and configured advanced database security features
  • Database ecosystem architecture design
  • High performance gain after migrating from existing architecture to new virtual server architecture
  • Setup remote offshore DBA team to ensure 24/7 database administration and support

Customer Benefits

  • Achieved significant performance improvement
  • 24/7*365 access to database administration
  • Handle sudden transaction spikes with optimal database performance
  • Scalable and stable database architecture to support rapid growth in users and data
  • Real time visibility of inventory throughout the supply chain