Sun Technologies Onsite Development services provide our customers specific skills to supplement internal staff on particular development projects. Our Onsite Development work is handled by the highly qualified consultants. These consultants are engaged in continuous interaction with the client in understanding their requirements, communicating on functionalities and best business practices available, as well as formulating solutions to unique business needs of the client.

Sun Technologies offers 100% onsite services. Our onsite development model is flexible to suit to different requirements of clients like augmenting their development or QA teams, forming a new and complete project team, getting architects and designers for a new technology development etc.

Sun Technologies Onsite Development Centre Includes:

  • Speedy Process and Project completion which increases productivity
  • Rapid access to project-related information and resources
  • Highly qualified skilled resource available at the customer’s workplace with direct interaction
  • Minimized communication gap
  • Effective model to reduce overhead costs of Hiring and Training a resource