Modernizing the Client’s Product Delivery to its users with a New Approach for a Leading Retailer Firm

Business Objective

The client was looking for a solution to send the checks to its users with reduced cost and overcome the delivery crisis.

Customer’s Challenges

  • Client had multiple delivery of the checks to be delivered to its users which involved printing, posting and handling costs
  • To achieve faster distribution of checks to its users
  • To overcome the duplication and wrong delivery of the check by modernizing the approach for the delivery

Our Solution

  • Proposed “MVC” architecture embedded with security
  • Created a unified process where the checks were readable only when the client’s users clicks on the print button
  • An authentication page was created for each individual client’s user to print the check with credentials only for the respective user
  • Automated the validation and loggings for each individual user to keep the whole process of printing checks secured
  • Duplication of the checks was avoided with our unique solution
  • All the records of printed checks were then saved in the database and informed to client

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced costs as the whole process was automated online
  • Faster delivery turn-around time of the checks