In-app Mobile Application solution to a Leading Retailer across America for its Customers

Business Objective

To deliver a standalone application which provides various offers on the car maintenance such as oil, cooling system, filters to name a few before the trip.

Customer’s Challenges

  • An Application which can provide a checklist overview of car’s maintenance parts
  • To check for the best offers available and recommendation to buy from those service providers offering parts at a low cost
  • To overcome the challenges of customer’s clients in case of car breakdown

Our Solution

  • Understand the challenges involved in creating the application
  • Created a process to define which are the car’s maintenance parts to be integrated in the application
  • Dedicated offshore team to support the application developed
  • Check the compatibility of the application on different platforms
  • Client was provided with the initial phase of the application developed to understand the User Interface
  • Client feedback and approval for the application developed
  • Build a flexible environment so that the application can be run simultaneously on all the platforms

Customer Benefits

  • Faster turn-around time for the delivery of the part in comparison with ordering via telephone
  • Automated suggestion on best service provider with low cost