Today’s digital revolution requires industrial manufacturers to adapt and create leading edge ecosystems for activities and provider cooperation. This involves the need to create intelligent products, develop collaborative platforms that lead to lower costs and improve service capabilities.

Sun Technologies help industrial manufacturers navigate the current dynamic landscape to implement state-of-the-art solutions that help innovate and ensure profitability. We, through our Digital consulting, customize development, testing frameworks and analytics have the expertise of delivering solutions that allow manufacturers to provide value to their customers. We provide our Industrial Manufacturing customers with industry-specific services and solutions, allowing them to gain higher visibility in their traditional supply chains and optimize procedures, resulting in lower costs, improved process productivity conversion and increased customer experience.


  • Infrastructure Services

    • NextGen Data center services
    • NextGen network services
    • Cyber Security Services
    • Managed IT Services
    • Digital workplace services
    • Cloud Native services

  • Application Services

    • Modern application development
    • Application Modernization
    • Enterprise productivity
    • Engagement platforms
    • Business efficiency platforms

  • Testing Services

    • Sales Order Processing
    • Cloud services to optimize infrastructure
    • RFID Solutions
    • BI and Dashboard providing solutions
    • Supply Chain Management

  • Digital and Analytics

    • Digtal consulting
    • Digital application and platform
    • Data and Analytics

Case Studies