IP Protection

At Sun Technologies, multiple customer projects run concurrently. We provide dedicated resources for every project and may also be requested to sign NDAs. We ensure and protect customer’s confidential information from any threat and unauthorized access and optimized security solutions to meet specific customer needs. Sun Technologies follows stringent IP Protection processes –

  • We understand the criticality of customer’s IP and its confidentiality
  • We pay special attention to inculcate IP protection and confidentiality practices
  • IP training sessions are conducted during induction process

Sun Technologies have strong track record for IP protection. Our security policies can be summarized in form of Data Security and Customer’s Data Protection.

Data Center Separation:

  • Customer’s hardware is kept in a separate locked and secure server room
  • Only customer’s engineering teams at Sun Technologies are allowed access to this area
  • Data center entry and exit through BIOMETRIC finger print access

Customer’s Data Protection:

  • Customer resources are grouped together and segregated from other projects using VLANs
  • Configuration done using L2 / L3 switches
  • Access control lists are configured on the core L3 switching stack
  • Limited access to a set of specific network resources
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IP Protection

We protect our customer's confidential information. Contact us to know more about our Strong IP protection processes.