The gaming industry has seen an unprecedented growth and popularity over the last decade. This growth has brought along its own share of challenges such as increase in production costs, shorter turnaround time and need for more efficient revenue models to satisfy and maintain the customers’ needs. Our unique CoE model of engagement makes us a strategic component of your operations and helps you gain a competitive advantage.

Our teams have worked with some of the leading game studios across USA, Europe and Asia. We leverage our experience in the area of game development, art and QA (console, mobile, PC) and provide the flexibility you need and help accelerate the releases or support and maintenance of your game projects in a cost effective manner.

The Sun Technologies Advantage:

  • In-depth understanding of the domain with the experience of having worked with industry leaders (Average experience of 10+ years in the gaming industry)
  • World-class architects who identify, design, and develop effective solutions
  • Proven record in developing scalable solutions for major games and franchises
  • Experienced partner for social and mobile game development and testing
  • Expertise in web-based development & testing and online services that complement studio expertise in game development & testing
  • Expertise in developing relevant applications (platforms, mobile, content management, etc.) for large gaming companies
  • Monetizing strategies for in-game micro-transactions
  • Reduction in developmental costs due to reusable backend services
  • Improved game development productivity through greater focus on tool development, rapid prototyping, and distributed agile development methodologies
  • Independent Test Centre of Excellence (CoE) to build quality games
  • Pre and Post production support (Hybrid – Onsite/ Offshore model)

The services that are offered under this domain are as follows:

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