Game Testing

Aavega Interactive is a subsidiary of Sun Technologies Inc. which was created as a Centre for Excellence for Game Testing services. We have highly skilled and experienced gaming testers with strong knowledge of testing methodologies, offering testing services in alpha, beta, and release stages of the game’s testing life cycle.

Our seasoned team consists of talented group of game artists, developers, producers and quality assurance team who strive to provide the best end to end services; right from planning, designing, execution and sign-off. We provide testing services for online games, standalone games and mobile games.


  • Test Areas
    • - Functionality
    • - Compatibility
    • - Localization
    • - Automation
    • - Security
    • - Compliance
  • Tools used
    • - Database tools: JIRA, Bugzilla and Devtrack
    • - Automation tools: JMeter, Native Android SDK, Apple Xcode, Flight builds, SilkMobile
    • - Customer Proprietary tools
  • Devices and Platform coverage
    • - 120+ mobile devices which includes tablets
    • - PS3, PS4, nintendo Consoles
    • - Combinations of OS and mobile devices versions: old and new

Customer Value Proposition:

  • Session based exploratory testing
  • Dedicated pool of experienced and skilled resources
  • Improved Time to market
Game Testing Services

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