Game Support Services

Aavega Interactive is a subsidiary of Sun Technologies Inc. created as a Centre for Excellence and is renowned for Game Support services. We offer 24/7 Game Support services, using highly experienced professionals, on multiple levels and across numerous platforms.

Sun Technologies has a talented and dynamic team of game artists, developers, producers and quality assurance experts who strive to provide the best end to end services; right from planning, designing, execution and sign-off. We customize our IPs, as well as support and improvise on existing IPs, to focus on production and further development support.


  • Game Master and Game Customer Support
  • Community Management
  • Server Maintenance
  • Tier 3 Game Development Support
  • Monetization Support

Customer Business Benefits:

  • Continuous system availability
  • Continuous server maintenance and monitoring to prevent server failure and minimize possible downtime
Game Support Services

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