Game Development

Aavega Interactive is a subsidiary of Sun Technologies Inc. created as a Centre for Excellence in Game Development services. Our highly skilled and experienced developers are adept in transforming client ideas and creating high quality games.

Sun Technologies has a talented and dynamic team of game artists, developers, producers and quality assurance experts who strive to provide the best end to end services; right from planning, designing, execution and sign-off. We customize our IPs, as well as support and improvise on existing IPs, to focus on production and further development support.

Clients often face long development cycles, constant changes in designs of the game that may disrupt the game development process and consequently leading to a final product that does not meet expectations and not delivered on time. To avoid these types of issues at Sun Technologies, we integrate methodologies and follow the hybrid models such as “Wet Agile” or “Agile-Waterfall Model”. Waterfall & Agile are the two most widely used Methodologies by the organization for their product developments and they have their advantages and also disadvantages. The hybrid model is the combination of both Agile & Waterfall methodologies and gives the advantages of both the methodologies which they lack individually. As in Waterfall model, this method helps us in creating a complete product plan with full documentation on a very broad expectations but also flexible to make fine course corrections as we go along as in the agile development methodology. Most importantly, we don't wait till the final product to find out the whether the design is acceptable to clients and re-design it as per their suggestions, and so avoids the gaps in communication all along and so the development goes much more smoothly. This hybrid method gives us the flexibility in the development process and also gives us the freedom limited by Waterfall’s planning, budgeting and scheduling constraints. Since the communication and cooperation between team & clients is adequate this is ideal method in completing complex projects with shifting requirements.

Device Coverage:

  • Mobile
    • - iOS
    • - Android
    • - Windows Phone
  • Web
    • - Flash
    • - HTML5
  • PC
    • - Windows
    • - Mac
  • Consoles
    • - Sony – PS4, PS3, PSP
    • - Microsoft – XBOX 360 and XBOX One
    • - Nintendo – Wii and 3DS

Technologies Used:

  • Unity
  • Cocos 2Dx
  • Unreal
  • Apple iOS
  • Android SDK
Game Development Services

Customer Benefits:

  • Hybrid model helps in creating a complete project plan with full documentation
  • It enables teams to define and adapt to changing client requirements or modifications to the design at anytime during the duration of the project
  • Since the teams and the customers are involved in all stages of the project, it results in quality product with high customer satisfaction
  • The end result of this model will be a high quality game in least possible duration with complete customer satisfaction
  • It reduces both the cost for development and time duration for both customers and for Sun Technologies
  • The code or game developed by this model have high re-usability and is useful in creating a franchise or releasing new versions as the same code can be used in future game developments
  • Both the customers and the team will have the clear idea of the final outcome of the Game

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