Functional Testing

Bigger, Faster, Better and Cheaper – Sun Technologies Independent Testing Practice offers Functional Testing with a niche flavors of Quality (Efficient Test Process), Reliability (Repeatable Test Methodology) and Speed (24 / 7 Operations). Our Functional Testing Services are spread across user interfaces, database administration, security defects and API’s.

Several IT organizations are adopting the Agile Development Methodology to stay ahead of their competition in order to deliver better products in quicker time frames. This is achieved through a flexible methodology, transparent communication, seamlessly integrated and Co-existing teams with minimal risks. Hence at Sun Technologies, we mobilize our skilled resources who act as Business Analysts/ Quality Analysts and conduct Manual Functional Testing in order to validate the requirements with the IT systems in place before it goes to production. Our Selenium testing services, backed by strong Selenium experts gives our customers the assurance & utmost confidence to move the IT systems to production. Sun Technologies’ staff augmentation services can help you with the resources who are expertise in Functional Testing, Automation Testing and Selenium Testing services.

We provide complete suite of manual and automated functional testing services, delivered throughout the Software Development Life Cycle.

Our Objective towards Functional Testing (Agile Process):

  • Emphasis on Individual interactions over Rigid Processes and Tools
  • Working Software over Voluminous Documentation
  • Customer Collaboration over Lengthy Contract Negotiation
  • Proactively Responding to Changes over Reactively Following a Set (Waterfall) Plan

Our Testing Approach:

  • Participate & Contribute in Scrum Meetings – To comprehensively test each business process requirement and user stories for each sprint
  • Parallel QA team & strategic overlap of time – for real time collaboration, increased productivity and significant cost benefits
  • Dedicated Test Lab/ Infrastructure – Comprehensive tool sets, Mobile devices, jump start kits, tele/video conference
  • Prepare, execute and assist in automating test scripts – use the latest Open Source and Commercial tools and frameworks
  • Emphasis on Test Traceability Matrix
Functional Testing

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