Fixed Cost

We offer Fixed Time – Fixed Price software development and QA services to our customers. Under this model, we take the responsibility of delivering the software and/or the test results under a pre-defined time frame and at a fixed price.

This model is best suited for those clients who have well-structured processes to collect and prepare requirement specifications, scopes, deliverables, and acceptance criteria for the intended project. In such cases, we discuss and finalize the resource requirements to execute those projects. Based on the resource needs, a fixed time and price quote is provided to the client.

During the development and also the QA process, we focus on phase-wise delivery in order to keep up with the delivery schedule. Under this model, as long as the requirements remain the same, client is not in the risk of cost and time over-runs. All the risk and responsibility of delivering the task in time is ours.

Benefits of working with Fixed/ Project based pricing model:

  • The scope and cost is fixed and known at the outset hence everything is clearly spelled out and agreed upon beforehand
  • Risk to both parties is very less along with scope. Risk reduction is because of the amount of effort that precedes the agreement phase
  • Sun Technologies offers consulting services during the specification stage so that the detailing and documentation is accurate and precise
Fixed Cost Pricing Model