Domain Expertise

In a fast changing world where expertise can be defined in many different ways, Sun Technologies defines domain expertise as knowledge, experience and competence that have been acquired through a consistent track record of successful projects accomplished in various domain areas.

Reduce costs, Manage risk, Optimize supply chains, Improve customer experience, and Increase revenue, whatever your industry, you are faced with ever-increasing expectations.

Our teams have deep industry knowledge. Let us show you how technology can be strategically applied to transform your enterprise and differentiate your business. Our approach is to utilize a team of domain experts to work collaboratively to meet the customer’s product specifications and designs. This enables us to ensure that we deliver solutions that actually meet customer’s expectations and in the shortest possible time.

The key areas of our expertise are:


We understand the dynamics of the telecom industry and maintains a dedicated Telecom practice with trustworthy IP protection mechanisms to meet the challenges.Read More


From pre-sales through implementation and support, Our customer services experts are committed to ensuring to the success of your retail business.Read More


Our consultants are experts in delivering, defining and implementing security infrastructures for reliable BFSI Services.Read More

Aerospace and Defense

We have a proven track record of meeting rapidly changing business goals and constraints, while delivering value early in Aerospace and Defense projects.Read More


Our unique CoE model of engagement makes us a strategic component of your operations and helps you gain a competitive advantage.Read More

Healthcare and Life Sciences

We can provide expert IT consultants to transform and integrate your systems to reduce medical errors and optimize delivery of services.Read More


We help customers in developing integrated learning solutions, computer based training consoles/ applications and customized education portals and products.Read More

Energy and Utility

We help energy and utility companies to optimize their business processes and IT solutions to address operational, commercial, and energy management challenges.Read More

Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud

Sun Technologies expert delivering SMAC-enabled solutions. We offers wide range of services to cater to the demands of the market.Read More