If you want to be stay ahead of the competitions, in today’s fastest growing technology, then delivering quality applications with speed is very important. Faster delivery provides greater business agility, but you must also manage speed with the trust and confidence that what you’ve delivered is the right thing. You can’t deliver software at speed if you don’t trust the accuracy of your business goals, your measurements, and your platforms.

Sun Technologies DevOps expert’s helps to reconcile these competing perspectives, helping teams collaboratively establish business goals and continuously change them based on your feedback thereby improving both agility and business outcomes. Whether you are interested in Change and Release Management, or looking for DevOps automation or a Continuous Deployment, we have solutions that can help enable your DevOps success.

We use the following approach for our customers looking for DevOps Solutions:

  • Understand current Development, Testing & IT process
  • Develop and Test against production like Systems
  • Deploy with repeatable, reliable processes
  • Monitor and validate operational quality
  • Amplify feedback loops

Why Sun Technologies for building solutions using DevOps?

DevOps can be successful having a process that can equally work well between Development, Testing and IT operations team. Sun Technologies provides solutions which can allow Dev and Ops teams to work in their own way. In order to deploy the software, release automation is the main key. By managing your processes and integrating our automation solutions with your existing tools, you can achieve continuity in software delivery while still maintaining the accuracy, clarity and control.

Some of the open source tools we use for building DevOps solutions are: CruiseControl, Jenkins/Hudson, Continuum, Puppet, Chef, Bamboo, TeamCity.

Apart from the open source tools, we also use Cobertura to calculate the percentage of code assessed by tests and Sonar J to monitor conformance of a code with computations along wide range of software metrics.

With Sun Technologies as your partner in DevOps solutions, you can have:

  • Deliver better quality software faster and with better compliance
  • Increase developer and operational efficiency by managing your infrastructure as code
  • Increase transparency and collaboration among stakeholders involved in delivering and operating software
  • Improve customer experience with immediate feedback loops and continuous improvement

Contact us today to discover about our DevOps Services and our achievement.