Compatibility Testing

Sun Technologies Independent Testing Practice and the exclusive test lab ensures that the applications comply with the functionality, appearance, navigation and performance needs by testing the application in a smart and most favorable manner across all the platforms. Our compatibility test process validates for interoperability of applications/ software systems on different platforms.

With the continuous shift in technology and changes in hardware/ software platforms in the market, there is an imminent need to test applications on each of these environments. Our test labs carry host of devices and testers who conduct compatibility testing (Manual & Automation) on a daily basis for our customers across various industry verticals. Sun Technologies’ staffing services also provide manpower who are testers conducting testing services as per your business needs.

These applications are tested across various:

  • Versions of Operating Systems (OSs) and browsers
  • Combinations of OSs and browsers
  • Multiple display resolutions
  • Tablets, mobile devices
  • Across Gaming consoles and Televisions to function appropriately


  • Plan & Analyze client’s requirements
  • Prepare Test strategy and Test Plan
  • Allocate Infrastructure Resources - Set priority for OS, Browsers & Devices to be tested for application compatibility
  • Setup the application under test
  • Design or Re-use possible test scenarios and coverage measurements
  • Execute Tests on various platforms & Log Defects
  • Automate scenarios that needs to be regressed


  • Defect reports with severity levels
  • Defect Analytics - Analysis of failure patterns and provide test matrix that includes the compatible OS/Browser combinations

Tools used:

Selenium (WebDrivers), Appium, Robotium, Gomez, Litmus, BrowserShots, SuperPreview, Cross Browser Testing, Spoon Browser Sandbox, IETester, DotMobi Virtual Developer Lab, Cloud Testing, Browser Photo, Browsera, BrowserCam, SecurePlatform (Hardware Compatibility Testing tool)

Compatibility Testing

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