Re-platforming the Legacy COBOL Applications to a Modern Technology for a Federally- Chartered Wholesale Bank

Business Objective

The customer was looking to migrate the applications to a new technology platform providing more flexibility and scalability.

Customer’s Challenges

  • During re-platforming, it should not affect the daily business operations
  • To Re-write the 50,000 plus COBOL lines into a new programming platform
  • To achieve genuine modernization of the legacy applications by re-hosting application environment to updated platforms
  • To automate the testing of the applications with new features being added iteratively

Our Solution

  • Provided an automated migration path allowing the bank’s resources to concentrate on maintenance, test and enhancement of the new applications
  • Proposed “MVC- N Tier” architecture by enhancing the performance of the systems
  • Automated the entire test cases of the COBOL program for easier migration
  • Additional features such as Rich responsive user interface and cross browser support were also incorporated in the converted applications

Customer Benefits

  • No runtime costs or licensing fees associated in future
  • Faster turn- around time with the scope for enormous development productivity
  • Implementation of new systems with reduced complexity
  • Reduction in the deployment costs by 30%