Automation Testing for Federally-Chartered Wholesale Bank Providing a Reliable Source of Liquidity to Financial Institutions

Business Objective

The Client was looking to improve the quality of the applications by automating the test scenarios.

Customer’s Challenges

  • Regression testing for 23 back office Bank applications
  • No Dedicated QA automation team
  • Develop a framework for faster execution of the test scripts
  • To improve the quality assurance/ testing process found within software development life cycle
  • To run the smoke and regression test cases after every enhancement of the applications or defect fixes

Our Solution

  • Assessed the requirements, tools, and processes involving automated testing for the Web based applications/ Back-office systems
  • Analyzed and suggested improvements to the QA delivery process to ensure high quality code to UAT for all applications
  • Designed a UFT framework for regression testing to ensure reduced cycle time for testing and faster time to market for all applications
  • Indicated High Level Test improvement opportunities including lowering the Total Cost of Ownership of QA services

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced testing cycle time
  • Increased coverage of the application
  • Ensure round the clock support
  • Developed tool for faster execution of test scripts